ISNOVA LETAHER & FUR ; With the retail store experience gained in Turkey since 1995, an investment has been made in the Siberia Region of RUSSIA. As a first step, our first store was opened in the city of NOVOSİBIRSK

In this direction, after NOVOSİBIRSK, which was the first step, the number of stores in this region was approximately 25 in 2014, and the long-term targets were met. In this country, where we have established a great trust by becoming a retail chain brand under the name of İSNOVA in RUSSIA, we are serving with 12 existing stores.

The brand value and customer satisfaction gained have added a special place and value to us in the retail leather retailing sector in the ANTALYA and ALANYA regions.

We will be honored and pleased to work with you in the new season.